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29. grudnia 2011 08:44:00

Hometown is such one meaning word deep inside me make me cry with the tears .As at that time when I am leaving the hometown I can not find any way to speak with the friends and also have no time to take a look at the hometown I am leaving .I leave the hometown in such a hurry and I can not remeber what is look like now .And what you feel for this kind life .All these days the time passed by and how I wish I can go back to the hometown and then enjoy a happy time over there .

I used to lost many things after leaving the hometown .The name of the friends , classmates most of them I have forgotten and the memory for the school .The time we wearing the Henleys clothing in the PM classs and the days we playing the basketball and many other details for my life all have made me realize more and more special scene in my life .And all for the 5 years i am dreaming for this as I want to make sure one day I would make it done for this life .For the rest for my life .For the future I am having .All I want is going back to the hometown to take a visit the place around .And that is the most I want to do for this .Just a little dream but so hard to make them come true .

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stop making yourself dumb Komentarze (0)
20. grudnia 2011 09:46:00

In the past I usually look like a book worm that usually have one aim for the future but always looking the mind I want to own .And what you feel for your life .In the past we are the good boys who usually study hard however also in this kind view we have become the dumb boys do not have any feature under this kind education .And it is the time to change even including the clothing you are dressing on .All these things are trying to make you become one new age boys .

Two Angle clothing make you drop your old school boy looks like the one who know nothing .It is not welcomed if you are not confident enough .You owe yourself one perfect childhood .But now we have given ourselves a chance to change .Now from then on i run from class and usually spend much time playing and make me feel the meaning for the true life we are having .That is the nice life style of the school boys but not always study like a computer .We are born to be like this .And we can not always be controlled like the robots who you like them to do .This is the true life we are loving .

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your evil mind Komentarze (0)
12. grudnia 2011 14:16:00

Everyone have the evil side inside their life and always making you enjoy the true style life you have ever seen .And now let's find them out and dressed in your style .When I was young I always feeling interested in the designs of the skull and the pirates and seems it is one kind perfect look for the human and usually when seeing the skull pictures I would draw them on the table or some other place to draw .It is cool .Until now I am still feeling interested in the skull designs as that is one kind cool style look .

The designs for the skull and many other things is one kind evil style .However many men like these designs .And among the fans there also can be some special women .These looks make the people feeling cool .For example if you are dressing some cool looks with the skull signature .May people would have some different views for the looks .It is much better than wearing the cure looks when staying with some kind cool people as that would make you look like a child .May you can choose the looks from the Tapout clothing .It would bring you some more new style for your looks and also make you get dressed in the evil look .It is the amazing look for your fashion .It is amazing 

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try some new Komentarze (0)
30. listopada 2011 08:21:00

We always want to be stable ,For the life , for the income , for many things even including our clothing sometime we even have no chance to change .The designs of the new vintage clothing for the looks we can hardly change any style because in our thoughts we only fit the style we are now dressing .

It is wrong and make us just stay in this kind looks and it is not the way we should enjoy the life .The designs for the hoody get some new designs .the Christian Audigier hoody .One amazing style we are enjoying for the new looks for us .Cool style of the Christian Audigier make the hoody have colorful style printing make you enjoy the amazing looks for the hoody we are loving .

The Christian Audigier hoody with the amazing style for the designs we are loving the printing so the hoody is truly nice and why not try them on .Just because you do not have courage .But there are many kinds of the fashion style we need to take the first step .Once you have stepped out .You have already win .

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be brave for life Komentarze (0)
24. listopada 2011 09:23:00

Calm down your mind .Calm down when facing all kinds of the situation with the calm mind .Stop shaking your hands it is one kind of weakness of you .Do not try to show you are begging for mercy from others because this kind look would make people look down on you .You have no choice for your life .And just calm down your mind and then make you be brave in your life like this .

This world is realistic , so as one man you have to focus on making the money and bring yourself the largest fortune for your life .You have to be brave and be the most amazing ones who can hold the whole world on hands .I am the ones who can be the hero and be the one lead you to  victory for you .

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